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Every special snowflake...

Bound to crash and burn.

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((Just an RP journal, no profits to be found.))

Name: Movor

Universe of origin: RiD

Allegiance: Decepticon

Bio: Created from an Autobot protoform by Megatron’s spark energy and a little hard programming, Movor knows (and cares) only about his existence under Scourge as a member of the Decepticon Commandos, a servant of Megatron and a component of Ruination. He and the other Decepticons served Megatron unfailingly (if less and less faithfully) until the Predacon leader’s apparent death left their leader Scourge in total command. When Megatron returned in the form of Galvatron, however, Movor supported Scourge’s bid to depose their former master.

Except that he doesn’t remember even that, because the plan failed, and Galvatron used his spark to restore the Decepticons’ blindly devoted personas. Somewhere between the agony of reprogramming and Galvatron’s defeat by the Autobots, Movor found himself in a place that’s not his own at all (and he knows his place).

Now he’s confused, lost, and in pain… and for the first time in his very short life, he’s entirely on his own.

Name: Fallstreak

Universe of origin: Armada

Allegiance: Decepticon

Bio: Taken from a point nine years after the end of Armada, Fallstreak’s used to working under a mixed-faction government. So used to it, he can even pretend to like it. Activated and trained on colony worlds, he transferred to Cybertron after Unicron’s defeat to seek his fortune and help fill the personnel shortage. Though he'd always been prone to putting parties above deadlines, Fallstreak somehow managed to get a real job despite being surrounded by all the temptations of Cybertron’s capital. In fact to all outward appearances he made a pretty competent personnel officer, assigning ‘bots to posts and managing the personal records of half the planet… until he was shot in the back one hazy mid-morning.

And now he’s come down at the Mansion. He’s a cheerful, sharp, shamelessly fickle Decepticon with a light blue and white paintjob and something resembling a Typhoon Eurofighter for an alt-mode. (He’s never been to Earth, though. He can explain it if he has to.) He’ll miss his job, his barrack-mates, the skies of his home colony… but he likes to think he’s an adaptable ‘con. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s washed up in uncertain territory.

Feel free to contact their mun via AIM, email or this post here.